How to install HaloHub

Published: 16 September 2021

HaloHub has been developed as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) meaning it combines the best elements of websites and native applications. HaloHub can be accessed on the internet through your web browser of choice, but you can also install it to your device just like an app. However, WebApp’s take up much less space on your device and don’t need updating! Installing HaloHub is quick and easy, just follow these steps!

How to Install a WebApp

  1. Open a WebApp you wish to install
  2. Open your web browser’s settings / bookmark panel
  3. Scroll down and tap Add to Home screen
  4. Confirm by tapping Add to Home screen

It’s that simple!



A little about me? I've been playing Halo for over two decades and I've played way too much Halo 3! This game helped me find my first job and a number of great friends. I created HaloHub to give back to the community!

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